Meet us...

We are Charles and Mahalia. We first met in Thailand in 2014 and in September 2018 we had the wonderful honour of getting married. We both have been teaching yoga for over five years. We have been working on manifesting a retreat together for the last few years and we are so very excited to be able to welcome you to this beautiful villa in Bali. 

Over the last five years we have been teaching yoga but also maintaining a practice of deep and sustained self study. We have spent a lot of time training, meditating and exploring yoga. We believe that in order to be a good teacher you must constantly pursue the role of a student, developing, learning and honouring the teachings.

Both of us have regular classes in different studios around London and collaborate in various teacher trainings.

We like to create a fun and safe space for you to freely explore your own path in your own individual way.

If  you would like to meet us beforehand, you can check our London teaching schedules here:

Namaste :-)

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